Un dolce cestino

A sweet basket   Our original home cooking

easter decorations
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A delicious basket full of chocolate eggs
  • 1 medium size chocolate egg
  • Little sugar decorations
  • Little chocolate eggs
  • 30 g (1 oz) icing sugar
  • Voile of different colours
  • A basket
  • Time:
    about 1 hour
  • Difficulty:
    medium difficulty
  • How many calories in a serving?
    Calories: XX (kcal) - XX (kJ)
    Protein: XX (g)
    Total fat: XX (g)
    Total carbohydrate: XX (g)
    Sugars: XX (g)

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This may be a good, alternative idea for decorating our Easter table with an original centerpiece or for making a gift.
It's very easy to make it but you have to choose the sugar decorations very carefully in order to combine well the colours.
We chose violets, green leaves, yellow toffees and petals of roses: all made with sugar. You can glue them on the surface of your egg with icing sugar diluted with few drops of water.
As soon as you've decorated the chocolate egg, you can finish your work: line the basket with the voile, arrange the little chocolate eggs on the bottom and put over the decorated chocolate egg.
The sweet basket is ready!