Confettura di ciliegie

Cherry jam   Authentic Italian recipe


  • Cherries
  • Sugar
  • Time:
    preparation: 30 minutes
    cooking: few minutes
  • Difficulty:
    easy recipe
  • How many calories in a serving?
    Calories: XX (kcal) - XX (kJ)
    Protein: XX (g)
    Total fat: XX (g)
    Total carbohydrate: XX (g)
    Sugars: XX (g)

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Remove the stalks from cherries, wash, stone and halve them.
Weigh the fruits and add the same quantity of sugar. Cook over a low heat until the fruits melt.
Pour the mixture into very clean jars.


  • - If you think to eat this jam a short time later, you could not sterilize it. On the contrary you'd sterilize your jam boiling the jars for 60 minutes. But remember to cover completely your jars with water.
  • - You can modify the quantity of sugar according to the cherries you use and your taste.

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