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  • Type: short (IBA version)
  • Alcoholic level: alcoholic
  • Basic liqueur: Brandy
  • Equipment: shaker
  • Glassware: cocktail glass
  • Garnish: undecorated


  • 7/10 Brandy
  • 3/10 Crème de Menthe blanche (white)

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How to make it

Place some ice cubes in the shaker and add all the other ingredients. Shake for 6-8 seconds and strain into the glass. Serve undecorated. The cocktail is ready.

Variations and note

You can also prepare it on the rocks directly in the Old Fashioned glass after placing some ice cubes inside. Serve it as an after dinner. It was created in 20s but it became famous during prohibition because the menthe covered up the taste of counterfeit liquor.

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