Rob Roy


Identity Card

  • Type: short (IBA version)
  • Alcoholic level: alcoholic
  • Basic liqueur: Scotch Whisky
  • Equipment: mixing glass
  • Glassware: cocktail glass
  • Garnish: a cocktail cherry


  • 6/10 Scotch Whisky
  • 4/10 Sweet Red Vermouth
  • A dash of Angostura Bitters

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How to make it

Place some ice cubes in the mixing glass and add all the other ingredients. Mix well with the bar spoon for 6-8 seconds and pour into the glass. Decorate with a cocktail cherry. The cocktail is ready.

Variations and note

It's a pre dinner cocktail. You can also prepare it on the rocks, directly in an Old Fashioned glass. 30s Scotland. The name of this cocktail comes from Rob Roy a famous Highlands hero whose real name was Robert Mac Gregor. He was described in Sir Walter Scott's novel Rob Roy (1818). He frequently signed himself Rob Roy ("Red Rob"), in reference to his dark red hair.

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