Pina Colada


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  • Type: blended drink (IBA version)
  • Alcoholic level: low alcohol recipe
  • Basic liqueur: White Rum
  • Equipment: electric mixer
  • Glassware: Paris Goblet
  • Garnish: a cocktail cherry and a piece of pineapple


  • 3/10 White Rum
  • 2/10 coconut cream
  • 5/10 pineapple juice

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How to make it

You have to prepare this cocktail in the electric mixer with some ice cubes. Pour into the glass and decorate with a cocktail cherry and a piece of pineapple. The cocktail is ready.

Variations and note

You can serve it at any time. You can also serve it in the highball glass with straws. It was presented by a bartender, Don Ramon Ramiro Perez, in the 15th of August in 1954. It was the best mixture among a lot of different attempts to mix rum with some fruit juice.

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