John Collins


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  • Type: collins (IBA version)
  • Alcoholic level: low-alcohol recipe
  • Basic liqueur: Gin
  • Equipment: directly in the glass
  • Glassware: highball glass
  • Garnish: a cocktail cherry and a lemon slice


  • 3/10 Gin
  • 2/10 fresh lemon juice
  • 1/10 sugar syrup
  • 4/10 Soda Water

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How to make it

Place some ice cubes in the glass and pour in Gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup. Top up the glass with Soda Water and decorate with a cocktail cherry and a lemon slice. The cocktail is ready.

Variations and note

You can serve it all day. It is not well known the origin of this cocktail. American people say the drink was created by a bartender of their country. But it's probably that "John Collins" was created by a bartender who worked at Limmer's, a famous bar in England at the end of nineteenth century. At the beginning of the last century there were two kinds of collins: Tom and John Collins, made with different kinds of Gin. Nowadays they are made only with dry Gin.

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