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laying the table

We are going to teach you how to decorate your house and lay your table

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centrepiece There are a lot of newspapers and websites that deal with the art of laying the table but none of them answer to an important question: how can I get the right atmosphere to my table in different special occasions if I have to use always the same cutlery, dinner service and set of cutlery and the only thing I can change is the table cloth? carnival mask
We try to answer to this question giving you some ideas for your special occasions: Christmas, Easter, birthday, an important dinner or lunch party in autumn or spring and so on ....

Other pages are dedicated to the most fashionable Christmas decorations such as the most beautiful wreaths or Christmas balls, jewel-style or refined Christmas tree. Besides we suggest some ideas to substitute the Christmas tree with other decorations if you have no much space in your house.

You also can find some ideas to make do-it-yourself Christmas gifts .

Carnival parties invite us to prepare original decorations; we teach you how to decorate masks from Venice.

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